Meeting with Department of Construction Materials Resource, Expecting Cambodian Granite Go Global

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On August 26th,Hing Ton, director of Department of Construction Materials Resource meets with the chairman of Yuanjing(YJSTONES)YU ZHI JIAN in Phnom Penh. The conversation is focusing on simplifying exportation procedure and increasing efficiency.

Director Hing Ton said,thanks for Yuanjing's investment in Cambodia, and we are working on plans to further improve the exportation efficiency and services. It is the right time for both sides to deepen their bilateral relationship and mutually-beneficial cooperation.

Chairman YU ZHI JIAN indicated a potential increase of granite exports to the world, Yuanjing, as currently the largest granite exporter in Cambodia, has a deep understanding of the international market., our exportation quantity is still unable to fulfill the large consume of granite products in the world. Yuanjing hopes to establish a deeper cooperation with Ministry of Mines and Energy, to boost Cambodia's granite exportation to other countries,and to improve competitiveness.

Director of Department of Construction Materials Resource,Hing Ton and relevant officials; Chairman of Yuanjing YU ZHI JIAN, CEO YE MING WEI attended the meeting.

The meeting is ended in a pleasant ambience.